No way, I totally thought I was Senpai’s number one!


and then later gou mentions that rin doesn’t like sweets and we get to witness yet another one of rei’s pterodactyl screeches. 


Well would you look at that, it’s the sketch that I struggled with for nearly half of the stream ´v`;; Thank you for being so patient with me!

Inspired by this post :D


Barakamon Ch1 • Naru Kotoishi 
pedal L O G 3 by ワカ
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dorks excited about amusement park

was  supposed to be to the hq 69 min thing at twitter but i ran out late and didn’t have time to draw the date thing


fucking up your sleeping schedule like



Tokyo Disneyland triple date, June 26.


The vanilla and wind are unwinding your tired body
With the dream you told me about
One day, let’s go to our promised place!

I wasn’t able to draw anything yesterday, but here’s my contribution to the kagakuro mini summer event! since the boys spent all their time training in the beach episode, riko brought the whole team back for 100% fun in the sun!!!